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Saturday 14 November 1914 - Col-Sgt C H Robbins sends news of 3rd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment

Category World War I: News of men at the Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Colour-Sergeant C H Robbins, of the 3rd Worcesters, writes:

“I desire to thank you very much for your kind letter and offer of the “Journal” each week for men of our neighbourhood. I have read the first copy and passed it round, in fact it is still going round. About news, I am afraid I cannot tell you much, as we are not allowed to mention actions or places for at least ten days. This much I can say, that we are up north in the thick of the fighting, over the borders of a country where we have not been for some time, and are doing very well under the circumstances. The line varies each day, but we are more than holding our own. As you say, the news is scanty at home, and I agree with you that it is satisfactory. We hope soon to strike a vital blow which will have a great bearing on the campaign. As you probably know, we, 3rd Battalion, form part of the 7th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Division, II Army, under Sir H L Smith Dorrien, and FM Sir John French’s reports will tell you what we have been doing. Our 2nd Battalion is in the 5th Brigade, 2nd Division, I Army, under Sir D.Haig. They too, have given a good account of themselves. Our 1st Battalion – from Egypt – I hear, is now out with our IV Army. News from home tells us that our county is holding its own in recruiting for the new army. I should very much like to see “D” Company here. You will be pleased to hear we get plenty of food. We also have issues of tobacco and matches. Our people at home are very good sending out comforts at alarming rates. My Company “C” received two parcels a few days ago from the Capital and Counties Bank, Worcester. We are proud of your appreciation of us at home, and intend to uphold the credit of Evesham and Worcestershire.”