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Saturday 15 May 1915 - Private George Crisp wounded

Category World War I: News of men at the Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Mr E Crisp, of the Post Office, Badsey, has received an intimation from the Infantry Record Office, Warwick, that his son Private George Crisp, was wounded on May 9, the degree not being stated. Private Crisp joined the 4th Worcester Regiment in August, and is with the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.  Mr Crisp has received a letter from his son, who writes under date April 29th:

“Just a line or two to say I am still getting on all right. We have been in harbour now for nearly a week, and are getting impatient to get at the Turks. According to rumours, which we get from some of the navy men, they have a warm reception waiting for us. Of course, if the attempt to stop us landing, the fleet will give them something to go on with. Last Saturday, the 17th, I had the luck to be out in a boat going for a row round the battleships. When we got to the Queen Elizabeth the officers invited us on board. We were then shown the ins and outs by one of her crew. About two hours were spent on her, and we inspected all the guns. They were practising landing, etc, and one of the gunners told us how he helped to bowl over a Turkish Fort or two. We also went to the ammunition room, and saw her big shells. They are taller than I am, and weigh over 19cwt. She was slightly damaged when she went in action, but there were no casualties. One shell which was fired at her at a mile range hit her armour and bounced off her like a ball, leaving a dent the shape of the nose of the shell. Hope you won’t forget to send the Evesham paper: send two or threat time if you can’t send one. Have heard that Will Marshall has been killed out in France. The weather is very wet out here at present and not very warm.”