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Saturday 21 October 1916 - Private F T Hartwell of the Worcesters killed

Category World War I: News of men at the Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Mrs D Hartwell, of Cotswold View, Badsey, received on Thursday morning news that her son, Sergeant F T Hartwell, of the Worcesters, had been killed in action. The Chaplain of the company writes her as follows:

“As Chaplain attached to the Worcesters, it is with the very deepest regret and sympathy that I have to give you the sad news of the death in action of your son, which took place on October 9. Your son was in the trenches when a shell burst in the entrance to the dug-out, killing him instantly. He can have suffered no pain. He was buried in a little cemetery just beyond the trenches, and a handsome wooden cross is being erected over his grave. All his personal belongings will be sent to you in due course through the War Office, but it may be some weeks before you get them. Your son was respected and liked by all who knew him. He was a gallant man and a good NCO, and the Commanding Officer, his Company Officers, and comrades all send you their sincerest sympathy.”

Sergeant Hartwell joined the army at the outbreak of war, and went to the Dardanelles in August, 1915. Here he was seized with enteric fever, and after being some time in hospital was sent home for six weeks leave. He remained in England some few months, but in August of this year was sent to another front, and met his death after being out six weeks. Mrs Hartwell has another son in the navy, and a son and a son-in-law in the army. We shall give a portrait of Sergeant Hartwell next week.