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Saturday 18 August 1917 - Badsey and the War

Category World War I: News of men at the Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


We extract the following from the Badsey Parish Magazine:

Private C. Knight, of the Worcesters, came home on July 21, completely incapacitated, for the time being at any rate, partly by the after-effects of wounds received as long ago s January 13, 1916, and partly as a result of his terrible experiences at the front. When he was wounded he had only just recovered from gas poisoning. He was nursed in the first instance at Boulogne, and afterwards at the Norfolk War Hospital from which he was sent to Sheringham for rest and change. After a few days’ leave in April 1916, he had a relapse and was sent for treatment to the 3rd General Hospital at Wandsworth, where he remained until last month when he was given his discharge to take effect on August 3rd. His health seems to have improved slightly since his return home and we trust he May eventually make a complete recovery. Private Knight volunteered for active service in November, 1914, but was rejected. A second application in January, 1915, was successful and he was sent to the front after two months’ training.

Trooper E Evans of the Warwickshire Yeomanry, has turned out an excellent shot and succeeded in carrying off a shooting prize.

Sergt. J. F. Agg and Private W. Agg, of the Canadians, who paid a flying visit to Badsey a few weeks ago, were both looking remarkably fit.

Captain B. Barton, late of Bower’s Hill, was mentioned in the despatch from Salonika published on July 23.