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Saturday 2 December 1916 - Letter concerning use of conscientious objectors on the land

Category World War I: Labour issues/Military Tribunals
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


To the Editor of “The Journal & Advertiser”


With reference to the meeting held at the Police Station on the 27th inst with regard to assistance on the land, I should like to ask is it just and wise for a fit man who has always been on the land as a market gardener to be taken away to fight, and put a conscientious objector, who is a fit man also to take his place, and one knows nothing whatever about gardening.

The case becomes rather glaring if the gardener happens to be married and forty and the conscientious objector single and twenty. Presuming both men would make equally good soldiers the conscientious objector would not make as good a gardener. Is this in the country’s interest?

There was a special point made at the meeting that this scheme would assist particularly the smallholder. Is it intended the smallholder is to be taken off his land in a few months, and the conscientious objector left in sole charge and under no supervision?