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Saturday 22 January 1916 - Market gardening and recruiting

Category World War I: Labour issues/Military Tribunals
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Mr C H Jones secretary to the Evesham and District Fruit Growers and Market Gardeners’ Association (which is affiliated to the National Fruit Growers Federation) informs us that he has received from the secretary to the Federation (Mr O B Cowley) the following circular:

“Recruiting and Indispensable Employees – I am writing to let you know that at a twenty-four hours’ notice, five representative members from this Federation, viz., Mr W W Berry, Mr E Vinson, Mr A Miskin and Mr Selby Smith, attended as delegates before a committee of the Board of Trade on Friday last and stated their views on the above matters so important to fruit growers and market gardeners. It was especially urged that all foremen and assistant foremen or headmen should on no account be recruited, and the following men were particularly mentioned under their class: Pruners, sprayers, machine men, planters, and among hop growers, oast men and dryers. The committee promised to place the views of the delegates before the War Office at once, with a strong recommendation in their favour. The committee also strongly urged all growers to persuade their men who were Indispensables to join the Reserve class and not the Colours straight away.”