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Saturday 5 February 1916 - Women's work on the land

Category World War I: Labour issues/Military Tribunals
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Mr Acland’s address on the subject, delivered at Pershore on Monday night, should be carefully studied by all classes of people, men and women alike. He clearly showed the necessity there is for labour of quite an army of women on the land, and though he admitted that there were certain classes of work that women cannot or should not be expected to undertake, he indicated that there were numerous directions in which their assistance would be  of the utmost value. There was one point to which we would particularly direct the attention of farmers who have some objection to women workers. Mr Acland said that if more men were required for the army some men who are at present starred will have to go; and he specifically mentioned milkers. There is we know, strong opposition on the part of many practical men to allowing their cows to be milked by women. But if, as Mr Acland hints, male milkers may have to join the army, the farmers who are not employing women for this work will find themselves in a most awkward position. If any men milkers have to go, all will have to go; no exemptions will be granted in favour of farmers who have not troubled to train women to milk.