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Saturday 16 November 1918 – The Kaiser’s effigy burnt in Evesham

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


All businesses were closed in Evesham on Tuesday, and the rejoicings were resumed. The weather was fine and bright, and large crowds thronged the streets. In the Market Place the band played patriotic airs in the afternoon and many indulged in dancing. At night the streets were crowded, and there were many processions through the town. The supply of fireworks seemed nearly exhausted, but some rockets were discharged. The band again played in the Market Place, where there was a great crowd, and all sorts and conditions of people were seen dancing. An effigy of the  Kaiser was carried through the streets, with a placard “ To hell, not to Holland, with the Kaiser,”  and eventually taken to Merstow Green and burnt in a big bonfire. An effigy of “Little Willie” was also consigned to the flames. While much excitement prevailed, there was no excess in the rejoicings, and soon after eleven o’clock the streets were quite quiet.