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Saturday 22 April 1916 - Evesham Central Advisory Committee

Category World War I: Labour issues/Military Tribunals
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


We are very glad to be able to state that the Evesham Central Advisory Committee have decided to resume work.  As a result of the representations made by them to the military and other authorities respecting the decisions of the County Appeal Tribunal, the military send down Major J F S Winnington, DSO (Organising Recruiting Officer) and Captain A Duncombe Allen (Supervisor of No 7 District) to attend at the Central Office and make full inquiries into the matter and report to the War Office thereon.  As a result of this report, the War Office has given permission for the Military Representative to appeal against the decisions in the cases in dispute.  At their meeting last Friday the Central Committee passed the following resolution:  “That this committee having received assurance from the War Office that appeal will be allowed in the cases complained of, this committee is of opinion that the object of their protest having been attained, they should resume work, and invite the Sub-Advisory Committees to do the same.”  We gather, too, that steps have been taken to ensure that in future the same Military Representative will appear both before the Local Tribunals and the Appeal Tribunal, in order that there may be more continuity.  There is every reason, therefore, to hope that matters will proceed smoothly in future.