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Saturday 31 July 1915 – A review of the harvest 1915

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Badsey - The land in this parish is practically all devoted to the culture of fruit and vegetables, and ordinary farm produce is not grown . Fruit 150. Possibly a record crop of fruit, plums, apples and pears alike hanging in super-abundance.  Small fruits  have yielded very well with the exception of strawberries,  which suffered from drought early in June. The question of labour for picking is causing some anxiety, but with favourable weather it is hoped that this bountiful crop may be safely secured and brought to market.-J.S.

Aldington - Wheat, 80; good average crop, but  layered by recent storms; requires sun; ready in about a weeks time. Barley none grown in parish. Oats, ditto. Beans, 90; good crop, free from blight. Roots, 90; well suited by recent showery weather. Hay: seeds and meadow 50. only about half a crop; early hay got well, but for late cut crops the unsettled weather has been serious. Fruit, 100; a welcome change from last season, when crop was very poor; all kinds promise well, and good weather for gathering will be welcome. Owing to the war there is a scarcity of labour, but given good weather it is hoped that all the crops will be got in good condition. Rates still rising, and expenses all round generally increasing. – A.H. Butler.