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Saturday 18 March 1916 – More war increases

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


The war is responsible for increased prices in almost every commodity, and we are inclined to think that it is not infrequently made the excuse for squeezing a little more profit for the producer out of the long suffering consumer. Two further advances in price take effect in Evesham on Monday next. The hairdressers of the town advertise that owing to the increased cost of living and to the great loss sustained through so many of their clients having left to serve their country they are compelled to advance their prices, and this is very reasonable. The Evesham and District Dairies’ Association advise the public that owing to greatly increased costs of production the retail price of milk will increase from 4d. 5d. per quart from Monday. This is on a very different footing. Milk is an absolute necessity if the children of the country are to become healthy and strong, and to increase the price by 25 per cent. is a hardship which will be severely felt throughout the coming winter by many a poor mother. Doubtless the cost of milk production has increased, but the majority of milk producers have reaped a rich harvest through the increased prices, although the advanced cost of feeding stuffs which they may have to use shortly will tell in the opposite direction. Milk is of such absolute necessity to child life that every effort should be made to supply it to the public at a reasonable price, and if the profit at 4d per quart is small,  producers should put this against the larger profits they have made in other directions.