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Saturday 12 August 1916 – Harvest reports for 1916

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


ALDINGTON - Wheat, about 75 per cent. Barley, none grown. Beans, plenty of straw, corned fairly well, and free from blight. Roots, looking very well. Hay, good crop; since the weather has taken up hay has been gathered in good condition and a heavy crop. Fruit: Apples and pears very scarce, also damascenes; about half crop of Victorias; plenty of egg plums. Great scarcity of labour on account of the war. – A.H.B.

BADSEY - Wheat, barley, oats, beans, roots, hay (seeds and meadow), not grown to any extent in the parish of Badsey. The land is almost entirely devoted to market gardening. Fruit: Small fruit a fair crop; red currants abundant; pears very shy; apples moderate; Pershore plums a heavy yield; other sorts only moderate. The cool weather of early summer, after much wet, was not favourable to heavy crops, but a spell of hot weather has materially improved matters. Prices are generally favourable to the grower. – J.S.