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Saturday 7 December 1914 – Football players join the army

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
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Rally to Colours at Evesham

The Evesham clubs have had so few players that it would hardly be possible to raise a team of any kind. The three Worcester League clubs having contributed about 30 players, Evesham Wanderers head the list with 15, of which nine have joined the Regular Army, three the 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, two the Worcester Yeomanry, and one the Worcester Artillery. Evesham United cover such a wide radius for their players that it is rather difficult to get the exact figures of how many have joined the Forces. It is estimated that quite ten or eleven have done so. Of those known, five have joined the Regular Army, and one the 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment. Three of Badsey Rangers players have joined the Regular Army.