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Tuesday 4 November 1919 - Building of Council Houses starts at Badsey

Category Badsey and Aldington
Gloucestershire Echo
Transcription of article


At a meeting of the Evesham Rural District Council on Monday it was reported that a petition had been received from residents of Broadway against the site of the proposed cottages on Bury End Road, Broadway.

It was agreed to inquire as to the purchase of three acres of land at Cleeve Prior for building.  The residents of Cleeve Prior wrote protesting against the housing site suggested adjacent to Mrs Sheaf’s house.

Building operations had commenced at Badsey.  Sanction for the purchase of sites for houses at Bretforton, Great and Little Hampton, and North and Middle Littleton was received.

Mr C A Binyon said the great delay in all their housing schemes was caused by the valuation officer giving values which were much below the market price.  There were only 20 rural authorities out of 600 that were more forward than their Council.