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Saturday 24 April 1915 – Cold spell and frost set to delay plum blossom

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Owing to the recent cold weather and severe frosts we are experiencing, the plum blossom is going to be a little later in the coming out this year; and many of the visitors who make it their custom to visit this town about the beginning of April, with a view to seeing the blossom in its fully beauty, must have been sadly disappointed to find it so late in maturing.

But now the lovely sunshine, and the spring-like warmth of the air, during the last two or three weeks have done much towards helping the blossom on.

Dazzling patches of snowy whiteness are now to be seen shining through the green foliage of the plum trees, for the blossom is not having it all to itself this year.  In spite of the chilly weather, the leaves have been growing, and are now well out.  The beauty of the blossom, however, is very diminished by this fact.

From the gardeners’ point of view, which after all is the chief thing in this district, the appearance of leaves and blossom at the same time is an advantage.  The leaves protect the tender blossom against frosts (which are not yet things of the past), and therefore make a good harvest of plums in the summer the more probably.

The only trees that are not showing a good quality of leaf are the Victoria, but it is hoped that the good, healthy-looking blossom, with which the Victoria trees are at present covered, will survive any frosts that may occur and that the plum season may be a profitable one.