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Saturday 28 September 1898 - Illegal fishing in Wickhamford Brook

Category Wickhamford
Evesham Journal
Transcription of article

Edmund Huxley, Charles Stait, James Stait and Frederick Brooks, labourers of Wickhamford, were in court for fishing in Wickhamford Brook.  Mr John Smith had private rights of fishery.  They admitted fishing but said they didn't know it was forbidden as they had done it all their lives.  John Smith said he had rented the farm, with the brook and put up notices to forbid fishing and had ordered several people off.  Charles Stait and Huxley had previously been to gaol for stealing Smith's fowls.  They were fined 5/- each, including osts.  The others were fined 2/6, including costs.

James Huxley and Frank Halford were charged with a similar offence, the prosecutor being Mr B. Carter.  They pleaded guilty.   Carter said he rented the water and had not given the defendants permission.  They said they had not been warned.  There was a previous conviction against Huxley for stealing fowls and he was fined 5/-;  Halford was fined 2/6.




Edmund (30) and James (26) Huxley lived at 6 Longdon Hill in 1901 as boarders with the Brooks family including Frederick (23). Frank Halford (21) was at 95 Pitchers Hill.  James Henry Staite (with an 'e') lived with his family in village Street, Wickhamford, and was a basket maker, aged 16, in 1901.

(Charles (11) and James Staite (6) were in Bengeworth in 1891.)