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Saturday 8 May 1869 - Badsey Wake

Category Badsey and Aldington
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


This yearly and encouraging gathering took place on Thursday last, in a field adjoining the residence of the Rev T H Hunt, who, with other gentlemen in the village and neighbourhood, inaugurated this meeting two years ago, in order that, by providing various rural sports, etc, an inducement higher and nobler than that of the public house might be held out to the villagers and to all those visiting Badsey at “this merry season of the year”.  The undertaking has proved a most successful and happy one, large numbers of people assembling and entering heartily into the various pastimes provided on every occasion.  The proceedings of the day commenced by public service being held in the parish church, when a large congregation attended.  The service was conducted by the Rev T H Hunt, and at the  close, the whole congregation marched in procession to the field, in the corner of which a large tent had been erected, and in which the company, numbering about 220, afterwards sat down to a capital tea, well supplied and superintended by twelve ladies, who kindly and willingly gave their services.  We must not forget to state that the church was most prettily and handsomely decorated by Misses Crossley, of Montpelier House, who were assisted by the young ladies attending their school.  In the absence of Mrs Hunt, Mrs Faussett kindly presided at the harmonium in her usual able style.  The village school children, to the number of 119, partook of tea in a small tent separate from the larger one.  The cake, which was supplied by Mr B Cull, baker, Bengeworth, was good, as was proved, beyond doubt, by “the pieces which quickly disappeared during feeding hours”.  The rick sheeting for the tent was supplied gratuitously by Mr Nind and Mr F Taylor.  A number of races took place for spades and forks or, in more classical parlance, “various implements of agriculture”, together with other useful articles, which were given by various ladies and gentlemen of the village and neighbourhood.  The various sports were kept up with spirit and energy until about ten o’clock, when the whole company separated most friendly and cheerfully, having apparently enjoyed themselves in a truly happy and agreeable manner.  The Evesham Quadrille Band was engaged for the occasion, and to the excellent playing of which dancing was indulged in by a large portion of those present during the hours of entertainment.