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Wednesday 8 June 1870 – Samuel Knight and John Wheatley fined for being drunk and disorderly

Category Badsey and Aldington
Worcestershire Chronicle
Transcription of article


Samuel Knight and John Wheatley were fined 10s each and costs for being drunk and riotous at Badsey on the 14th of May.  Wheatley was then charged with having, at the same time and place, unlawfully assaulted and beat his aunt, an old woman, named Sarah Knight.  The defendants in the other case were fighting, and the Magistrates being of opinion that the old woman was accidentally struck, inflicted the mitigated penalty of 10s and costs.


John Wheatley (1830-?) was the nephew of Sarah Knight (1794-1879), whose sister, Elizabeth, was John's mother.  Samuel Knight was probably Samuel Ingles Knight (1843-1918), who was a grandson of Sarah Knight.