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Saturday 11 Jan 1873 – Entertainment at Wickhamford Tithe Barn

Category Wickhamford
The Worcester Journal
Transcription of article


On Wednesday evening a public entertainment, similar to the one given last year, took place in the Tythe Barn in this village.  The programme comprised vocal and instrumental music, readings etc, by several ladies and gentlemen of the immediate neighbourhood.  The chair was taken by the Rev T H Hunt of Badsey who, before the commencement of the programme, delivered a short address to the audience.  He said he was pleased to see so many kind faces around him, many of which he recognised as having been there the previous year.  He saw no harm in a few hours’ peaceable and social enjoyment, but he was of opinion that they could even have too much of a good thing.  He spoke in complimentary terms of the exquisite manner in which the interior of the building was decorated, comparing it to “Rosamond’s Bower”, and concluded by wishing them all a happy new year.  The programme, which was admirably arranged and well executed, was then proceeded with as follows: …..

Two songs were assigned to Mr Phelps in the programme, but that gentleman was unable to attend owing to a recent family bereavement.  After the conclusion of the above programme dancing was commenced, to the strains of the Evesham Quadrille Band, and was kept up until an early hour on Thursday morning.  The dance was opened by Rev T H Hunt and Mrs F Taylor.  The ladies of the village and neighbourhood deserve special praise for the elegant manner in which they decorated the barn.  The cold stone walls were nowhere to be seen, being hung with white canvass and adorned with appropriate mottoes.  Not a vestige of the not-over-ornamental roof was to be seen either – a kind of awning being formed by large canvass sheets, suspended from a long pole in the centre and fastened to the walls on either side.  A long garland of evergreens and flowers was hung along the centre of the building, being suspended from the central pole, with branch festoons ornamented with flowers etc.  The motto “Ich dien”, surmounted with a large plume of peacock’s feathers, on a white ground and bordered with small feathers, was placed over the platform and had a very pretty appearance.  Amongst the mottoes ranged round the walls were “God save the Queen”, “God bless the Prince of Wales”, “A Happy New Year”, “Unity is Strength”, “Success to Captain Lord”, etc.