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Saturday 25 August 1945 – VJ celebrations in Badsey

Category Badsey and Aldington
Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
Transcription of article


CELEBRATIONS – A victory celebration party was held in Silk Mills Lane, Badsey, on Wednesday evening.  The scene of the festivities was the Old Barn (kindly lent for the occasion by Mr W Keen) which was gaily decorated with flags and bunting, giving it a festive appearance.  The party commenced with a tea for the children, all the good things on the well-laden tables being collected by the parents and friends.  This was followed by games and dancing until late in the evening when supper was served.  More dancing followed supper and the party did not finally break up until the early hours of the morning.  About 70 people took part in the celebrations, including some members of HM Forces.  Music for games and dancing was provided by amplifiers, and those who organised the proceedings would like to thank all neighbours and friends who gave valuable help and Mrs D M Butler and Mrs F Salter for ices and lemonade.

VICTORY TEA – A Victory tea party was organised at Bowers Hill, Badsey, by Miss Audrey Newns and Miss Joy Chamberlain on Thursday afternoon.  The children sat down to a splendid tea, which was collected for by willing organisers, who all contributed to the success of the party.  A special feature was the ice-cream, which was given by Mr Ray Butler of Badsey.  Passers-by were made welcome at the table, two members of the Forces sitting down to tea with the children.  A bonfire was lit during the evening, and everyone made merry, the children finishing up by retiring to a nearby house for a sandwich and lemonade “supper”.