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Saturday 3 October 1931 – Badsey Pig Club supper

Category Badsey and Aldington
Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
Transcription of article

PIG CLUB SUPPER – A supper to mark the reaching a £100 balance in hand by the local Pig Club was held at the Wheatsheaf Inn on Thursday last, when 35 sat down to an excellent meal provided by Mr & Mrs T Marshall.  Mr A Dore, the Chairman, presided, supported by Messrs G Jones (Trustee), G Crisp (Secretary), A Perkins, E Crisp, F Hill and E Stephenson.  The Chairman, in proposing “The Badsey Pig Club”, mentioned that the Club was started in 1902, with a few members, the first Chairman being Mr George Jones and the Secretary Mr E Crisp.  In the years 1905-1907, the claims were so large that the Club was unable to meet its liabilities, but through the generosity of a few of the old members waiving their claims, the Club restarted.  The Secretary, Mr E Crisp, gave his services free until the Club was on a sound financial basis.  Since then the Club had made good progress and the £100 balance mark had been reached.  Mr E Crisp, in seconding, said he was aware of the position of the club, as mentioned by the Chairman.  They had always said that if ever a balance of £100 was reached they would celebrate the occasion with a supper.  His own health compelled him to give up the secretaryship, but his son had taken it on.  Mr G Crisp proposed the toast of “The Artistes” and Mr E Stephenson suitably replied.  Mr F Hill proposed the toast of “The Chairman and Committee”.  Mr G Jones proposed the toast of the host and hostess, Mr T Marshall replying.  The following artistes contributed to the programme:  Messrs F Salter (at the piano), E Stephenson, H Shelley, T Clarke, W Sparrow, A Dore, G Jones, F Hill, H Green, L Bennett, C Ballard and A Salter.