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April 1898 - Band of Hope started by Reverend William Price and Thomas Hall

Categories Badsey and Aldington
Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of S James, Badsey, with Aldington & S John Baptist, Wickhamford
Transcription of article


A meeting of children and others was held in the Old School on March 9th, to establish a Juvenile, Branch of the Church of England Temperance Society. Meetings have been also held on March 16th, 23rd, and 30th. The Vicar presided on each occasion, and was assisted by Mr. Thomas Hall. The object of the society is to encourage the members in the habit of abstaining from intoxicating drinks. No child is allowed to join the society without its parents' consent. A very good start has been made, 52 children having already joined, and we appeal to the parents to do all in their power to encourage the children to keep their pledge.