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October 1898 - Mr W Mustoe, the Church Organist

Categories Badsey and Aldington
Transcription of article


There is, we believe, a feeling amongst some of the Parishioners who attend the Church that some attempt should be made to provide a stipend for the Organist. Mr. W. Mustoe very kindly played the organ for 7 years without any remuneration, and the present Organist has done the same up to the present time. But the duties of the Organist involve a great deal of time and trouble. He has to prepare himself, to attend all the services and practices when music is sung, and cannot be absent from his post without providing an efficient substitute. We hope that our readers will not think us unreasonable in asking them to show their appreciation of his services by providing some stipend, even if it is ever so small. We understand that there was a time when an Organist was paid to come over from Evesham, and what could be done in the past surely could be done again, We propose to open a fund for the Organist stipend, and the Vicar will be very glad to receive any subscriptions for the fund. He will be very glad to give 10s. a year if other Parishioners will give something.