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June 1901 - Badsey Belfry Fund

Categories Badsey and Aldington
Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of S James, Badsey, with Aldington & S John Baptist, Wickhamford
Transcription of article


A meeting of the Committee was held at the Vicarage on April 30th, to re-consider what should be done with the balance in hand belonging to this fund. It was proposed that this balance should be used for the purpose of providing a Clock for the Church Tower. Some members of the Committee felt very strongly that the money had been collected for the bells, and should be used for that purpose. After considerable discussion a compromise was proposed, and finally it was decided that the money in hand should be equally divided between the clock fund and the fund for purchasing two new bells. All the members of the Committee voted for this compromise. Accordingly the sum of £8 11s. 0d. has been paid over to the fund for providing a new clock. We sincerely hope that this arrangement will give general satisfaction to the Parishioners. We would point out that the two funds are now quite distinct, and any person can give a donation towards whichever scheme they prefer. Subscriptions towards the new clock should be paid into the fund which is deposited in Lloyds Bank, Evesham, and subscriptions for the two new bells should be paid to the Capital and Counties Bank, or, if it is preferred, the Vicar and Mr. Savory will be glad to receive any donations to either fund, which shall be assigned according to the wishes of the donors.