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September 1900 - Badsey, Aldington & Wickhamford Flower Show

Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of S James, Badsey, with Aldington & S John Baptist, Wickhamford
Transcription of article


Pouring rain and leaden skies ushered the early morning of August 1st, and for a few hours the outlook for our village fete day was little short of dismal. Matters however improved as the day wore on, although many would be exhibitors were unable to bring their produce on account of the early wet. The local branch of the Cirencester Benefit Society again held their festival in conjunction with the Flower Show, and having marched to the Parish Church, where an appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev. C. W. A. Preston, (in the absence of the Vicar), returned to the dinner, admirably served by Host Marshall in a large marquee. This was presided over by the Rev. C. G. Gepp, late vicar of the united parishes, whose presence added zest to the proceedings, and his kindly words were heartily responded to in the heartiness of the welcome accorded by his old parishioners. Dinner over, a general move was made for the Show grounds where, tastefully arranged by the many exhibitors under the energetic management of the officials, the large tent was found to contain an exhibition of decided merit. Flowers, fruit and vegetables were in most cases of excellent quality, and the Judges, who so kindly gave their services, had frequent difficulty in in deciding their awards. Outside the tent a bicycle gymkhana proved an attraction, while the numerous amusements on the field were freely patronised by the younger folks, as well as by their elders. After the presentation of the prizes by the Rev. C. G. Gepp, whose felicitous little speech gave much gratification to his audience, dancing commenced to the enlivening strains of the Evesham Volunteer Band. Later in the evening some capital fireworks gave general satisfaction, although the high wind was too much for the proposed display of Chinese lanterns. Altogether the fete of 1900 with its record number of visitors proved most successful, and thanks are due to the Committee and band of willing workers for their share in promoting it.