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July 1906 - A new bier for Badsey Church

Badsey with Aldington & Wickhamford Parochial Magazine
Transcription of article


Since the old bier disappeared from Badsey Church, it has been quite impossible, in conducting funerals, to conform to the apostolic rule of doing all things 'decently.' However, what has long been a reproach to the Church and Parish is soon to be removed, as the Vicar and Churchwardens have commissioned Mr. Wathen to make a bier. The new bier will be of oak, and, in view of the distance of many houses from the Church, will be as light as is consistent with strength. So long as seven or eight years ago Mr. Mustoe gave £2 towards a bier, but the money somehow disappeared into the miscellaneous fund known as 'Church Expenses,' and the Vicar and Churchwardens must now contrive to raise the necessary five guineas for the new bier out of this fund. To enable them to do so they appeal to parishioners to contribute as liberally as possible to the Sunday collections during the month of July.