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July 1907 - Badsey Sunday School Treat

Transcription of article


Considering the general character of the weather last month, we should indeed have been fortunate had the day selected for our annual tea and sports been fine. In spite of a threatening sky, however, a light wind encouraged us to hope that we were going to escape the unhappy fate of the majority of June holiday-makers. But our hopes were speedily shattered, for the rain arrived punctually with the tea; and, although the boys made a gallant attempt at a cricket-match while the girls were having tea in the parish-room, play very soon had to be abandoned - not, however, before one or two of our youthful cricketers had shown considerable improvement on last year's "form". We should have been at a loss to know what to do with the girls while the boys were having tea, had not Mr. W. Keen very kindly allowed them the use of his barn for games. Happily the rain did not appear to damp the children's spirits in the least degree, and, when the boys had retired from the unequal contest with cake and jam, everyone went home with a radiant face, a packet of sweets and the prospect of returning to the Vicarage for the sports, the first fine evening. Only those children who had made two-thirds of the highest possible number of attendances were invited, and about 100 qualified. The sports were eventually held on the following Friday when there was a good muster, although some who attended the tea were unable to come. The various events were decided as follows:

  • Race for Senior Girls: 1, K. Nightingale; 2, L.Crisp.
  • Race for Girls under 11: 1, E. Stanford; 2, M.Moisey.
  • Race for Infant Girls: 1, D. Agg ; 2, M. Heritage; 3, M. Perkins.
  • Race for Senior Boys: 1, W. Barnard; 2, A.Wilkins,
  • Race for Boys under 11: 1, P. Hartwell; 2,J.Perkins.
  • Race for Infant Boys: 1, E. Wilkins; 2, W.Wheatley; 3, W.Cleveley.
  • Kicking the Football: 1, W. Barnard (140 feet); 2, Arthur Keen (137 feet).