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July 1971 – Village History

Categories Badsey and Aldington
Badsey, Aldington & Wickhamford Parish Review
Transcription of article

A most interesting exhibition was held in May at the Meeting House, Badsey, depicting past and present life in Badsey and Aldington.  The exhibits consisted of old documents and village maps; an excellent display of Victorian dresses and nursery items; photographs of some village personalities, local views, old farm and garden implements, together with many other items of interest.  The exhibition was open for two days and was organised by the St John Ambulance Brigade; it realised £12 for the Brigade’s Badsey Division.

We are grateful to those who lent items displayed, illustrating as they did so many facets in the past and present history of our villages.  We believe that there must be further illustrative material which could be found if steps were taken to collect, preserve and document it.  If any are interested in forming a society for this purpose, will they please contact David Brazier?  With the help of such a group, it should be possible to compile records in the form of a pamphlet or book, photograph albums, tape recordings, etc, as historical evidence to be held in trust for the interest of future generations.

There must be many people, particularly in the older generation, who have memories or have been told stories by their parents of past events and village history, or who may have some old photographs, maps, plans, documents, items connected with past village industries, in fact any interesting material tucked away and forgotten in some attic or drawer.  If these could be preserved and lent or given to the society, it would greatly assist us in compiling a “History of Village Life in Badsey and Aldington”.  DHB.