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KINMAN - Wickhamford top ten 1500s

The name Kinman, or its variant Kingman, first appears in Wickhamford parish records in 1542; the last incidence is in 1629.

Family 1

The first mention of the name Kinman in Wickhamford records is when George Kinman, son of Thomas Kinman, was baptised in 1542.

Family 2

A few decades later, another Thomas Kinman had one son and four daughters baptised at Wickhamford:  Jane (1575), Alice (1576), Elizabeth (1578), John (1580) and Joyce (1583-1583).

Family 3

William Kinman had six sons baptised at Wickhamford:  Edward (1559-1564), Thomas (1563-1564), Thomas (1565-1620), William (1567), Edward (1570) and Richard (1573).

  • Thomas Kinman (1565-1620), husbandman, son of William, had six sons and three daughters, all baptised at Wickhamford:  Stephen (1587), Thomas (1588), William (1590-c1590), William (1592-1629), Sarah (1596), Joan (1598-1625), John (1600-1610), Margaret (1602) and Mathew (1605).  Thomas Kinman left a will which was proved at Worcester in 1620.
    • William Kinman (1592-1629), son of William, had two sons baptised at Wickhamford:  Thomas (1627) and William (1629).  William Senior died at Wickhamford in December 1629, shortly after his younger son was baptised.  William’s burial is the last record of a Kinman in Wickhamford. The manorial court records for 1632 make reference to “Widow Kinman” who had land lying in “Millswiers”. She was either the widow of William or of Thomas who had died in 1620.

The name Kinman died out in Wickhamford in the first half of the 17th century.  There are no incidences of the name Kinman or Kingman in the neighbouring parish of Badsey.


  • Position in League Table:  4 (Wickhamford top ten 1500s)
  • Name variants:  Kinman, Kingman
  • Name origin:  In Scotland, it is a locational name from Kinmont, but the most likely is an occupational name for "a royal-man", from the Olde English pre 7th Century "cyneman" (recorded only once, circa 770, in Worcester), or more likely it may mean "a herdsman", from the Olde English elements "cyna" and "mann". Robert Kynemon and Richard Kenemon were recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire in 1327.
  • Total number of Wickhamford baptism records:  24
  • Total number of Wickhamford burial records:      12
  • Guild of One-Name Studies:  The names Kinman and Kingman are listed on the Guild’s website and there is a website dedicated to study of the name

Maureen Spinks, May 2019