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Once this was a village – a poem by Brian Smith

With the continuing housing developments happening in Badsey, Brian Smith, the Aldington poet, has felt moved to put pen to paper again:

Enjoy your village while you can,
It seems the District Council have a plan. 
Although there's nothing written down, 
They're trying to turn the village into a town. 

The amount of houses being planned 
The villagers can't understand. 
All huge developments get the nod,
Which most of us find very odd. 

The Parish Council is on our side, 
But everything that they decide 
Is being ignored at district level,
Who send local concerns to the Devil.

Perhaps the size of Badsey is being increased
Because planning safeguards have now ceased? 
Are there no upper limits set up there,
To show Badsey has more than its share?

People need homes, that is clear ,
But how many more must be built here?
So, enjoy your village while you can,
As the  Council put in place their plan.

Brian Smith, May 2024