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Military Tribunals – Jesse Arthur Percival DAVIS

Jesse Arthur Percival DAVIS
Market gardener

First Hearing

Date of Hearing
20 Mar 1916
Case for exemption
Mr Arthur E Thorne, market gardener of Wickhamford, appealed on behalf of Jesse Arthur Percival Davis, the only man of military aged working full time on 40 acres of ground in his employ. Mr Thorne said he had a man over 70 years of age and two boys working for him, and two married men occasionally - they put in the time of one man altogether. In reply to Mr Cholmondeley, he said the two boys ages were 16 and 17. He was also looking after the 11 acres of ground of a man who was in the Territorials. Mr Thorne appealed last week as a conscientious objector, and he now claimed in the national interest. Mr Cholmondeley: "How absurd. How can it be in the national interest to grow food unless you protect the grower and are prepared to keep the Germans out." Applicant: "In my opinion it is of national interest." Mr Thorne informed the Tribunal that six of his men had joined the Army. Mr Thorne had retired while the Tribunal considered the case, but he knocked at the door, and entering the Board Room, explained: "The six men went quite voluntarily; I can't claim any credit. I didn't put any pressure on them." (Laughter.) The Chairman: "I can't quite understand that."
Outcome of appeal
Exemption - temporary
Exemption Conditions (if any)
1 day
Journal Date
25 Mar 1916

Other Information

Final Outcome
Presumed to have enlisted after temporary exemption