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Military Tribunals – Charles William WILKINS

Charles William WILKINS

First Hearing

Date of Hearing
6 Mar 1916
Case for exemption
Mr William Wilkins, Badsey, applied for this two twin sons, William Charles and Alfred Cecil. The case was heard in private.
Outcome of appeal
Journal Date
11 Mar 1916

Second Hearing

Date of Hearing
4 Apr 1916 (Worcestershire Appeals Tribunal)
Case for exemption
Mr Geoffrey New appeared in support of appeals in respect of Charles William Wilkins and Alfred Cecil Wilkins, twin brothers from Badsey. Mrs Wilkins gave evidence. Land was taken for the two lads over two years ago, but it was only put into their names when they became 21 years of age in October last. Each son had 2¼ acres of land and their father (who had bad health) had 10 acres, and had only the two lads to help him. Charles William Wilkins was drayman to his father. Medicinal herbs were grown on the land. Mrs Wilkins said she was willing for one of her sons to go into the Army.
Outcome of appeal
Exemption - conditional
Journal Date
8 Apr 1916

Third Hearing

Date of Hearing
2 Aug 1916 (Worcestershire Appeals Tribunal)
Case for exemption
The Military Authorities appealed in the case of Charles Wilkins. Mr Geoffrey New, for Wilkins, said there were twin brothers; one, Charles William, had been granted conditional exemption and the other two months. When that one went up at the end of the two months he was rejected by the medical board, and now the military authorities appealed against a certificate of exemption granted to Charles William Wilkins. Mrs Wilkins (wife of Mr W R Wilkins) said her husband had 10 acres of land, and each son had 2½ acres in addition. C W Wilkins acted as carter. Her husband and her sons grew medicinal herbs. Charles had always acted as a carter. Her husband had not the strength to do a lot of work; he suffered with his back a great deal and had to go home to rest; and he was dependent on his son Charles to look after his land. They had expressed their willingness for one of the sons to go, but not Charles, as he was their maninstay. Her son who was rejected often fainted away; he had a number of complaints, and she though he suffered from heart affection. Lieutenant Glanfield assured her that this was not so. Military appeal allowed.
Outcome of appeal
Military appeal allowed
Journal Date
5 Aug 1916

Other Information

Final Outcome
Enlisted after temporary exemption
War Service (if enlisted)
Royal Field Artillery; reports on his welfare in the November 1917 and December 1917 Parish Magazines