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Evesham Journal 1960-1968 - History of Evesham Horticulture (press cuttings in folder)


Some press cuttings written by R W Sidwell for The Evesham Journal, 1960-1968, in a blue folder. Contains 18 articles: (i) Monks at the Abbey, were they the original Evesham growers? – 4th November 1960 (ii) The Soils of the Vale – some important physical factors; (iii) Richard Varden, of Seaford Grange; (iv) Mid-19th century developments and experiments at Evesham; (v) Joseph Masters and his family; (vi) The effects of new ideas on the ‘real’ Evesham gardeners; (vii) The Influence of George Byrd; (viii) The coming of commercial glass to a modern Vale; (ix) Diaries of James Hall; (x) The Diaries of James Hall 2, Badsey grower of 90 years ago; (xi) James Hall’s diaries; (xii) History of Vale horticulture, Back to Bernardi; (xiii) More about the 18th century; (xiv) Spread to the villages of the Vale; (xv) The rise of Badsey; (xvi) Origins of asparagus; (xvii) Evesham asparagus in the 18th and 19th centuries; (xviii) Asparagus in the Vale of Evesham in the 20th century. A handwritten list at the front indicates there should be 21 articles, but the final article about James Hall is missing, and two articles about James Myatt articles are not included. Photocopies of these press cuttings in the blue folder are also contained in a separate, comb-bound document, with the addition of an extra article about James Myatt.

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25 cm x 35.5 cm
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Blue cardboard folder with press cuttings stuck on 19 sheets of foolscap and one typed article
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Margaret Satchell
Margaret Satchell was Ron Sidwell's neighbour and executor of his will
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