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21st June 1943 – Sale of 4½ acres of land along Wickhamford Lane

1943 auction

On 21st June 1943, E.G. Righton & Son held an auction to sell around 4½ acres of market garden land along Wickhamford Lane.  An advertisement appeared in The Tewkesbury Register and Gazette of 5th June 1943  About 2½ acres were a plum orchard and the rest open land.  Also included in the sale was a wood and zinc hovel.  The land had been occupied by James Turvey.  The National Farm Survey of 1941 recorded that he lived away from the village of Wickhamford, at 59 King’s Road, Evesham.  Apart from his plums, he grew sprouts, parsnip, beans and carrots that year.

Further back, in 1913, the Valuation Survey showed that he had the freehold of over 12 acres along the south side of Wickhamford Lane.  This acreage was used to grow plums and apples.