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Burial - Eunice TURRILL

Parish Magazine
June 1967
Burial Date
19 May 1967
Burial/Cremation Place
Cremation after service in church
Extra information in the Parish Magazine

It was with great relief and thankfulness that all who loved her heard that she was now taken into the world of light. Mrs Turrill had been a patient in Avonside Hospital for many years, blink, weak and helpless. But she held on by faith when sight had left her, clutching the prayer and hymn book which was to her the tangible link with the eternal realities. Widowed for nearly 40 years, she was a devout worshipper and active worker at St James’ Church, a keen member of the MU and of the Sanctuary Guild. When illness and infirmity laid her aside from active good works, she did not lose her concern and love for people, always eagerly asking after everyone she knew, and offering them up to God, we know, in her prayers.