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Burial - Maurice Howard HARVEY

Parish Magazine
April 1971
Maurice Howard
Burial Date
26 Feb 1971
Death Date
'2 Feb 1971
Burial/Cremation Place
Funeral at Badsey followed by cremation
Extra information in the Parish Magazine

It was with a sense of shock that the village heard of his death on Monday 22nd February. He will be chiefly remembered as the much loved Headmaster of Badsey School, in which capacity he worked so conscientiously for many years. His success as a teacher was in no small measure due to his affection for children, especially the infants, whose confidence he quickly won, and who did not stand in awe of him. His family life was one of deep devotion to those nearest and dearest to him, while his public life was one of constant service to his fellow men. A regular worshipper at Badsey Church, his handling of its finances and work for the PCC were signs of his deep Christian conviction. The last few years of his life he had not been a strong man and had been told by his doctor to take things easily. This was hard to understand when one saw him so happily busy in his beloved garden. A loyal friend to many people the village will be poorer by his passing. It can be truly said of Maurice Harvey that he lived respected, and died regretted, by all whose privilege it was to have known him. GAJ. The huge congregation, which could only just be accommodated, at the funeral of Maurice Harvey in Badsey Church, testified to the very wide range of his interests and the number of lives touched by his. In the fellowship of Badsey Church Council we had come to rely on him in so many ways. His practical and inventive gifts were always at the disposal of others, with conscientious loyalty. Even when one did not agree with him, there was never unpleasantness, because of his good humour, and the sense one always had that he was a dedicated fellow-worker for the Kingdom of God. PB