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Aldington 1939

Registration District: Evesham Rural District Council

Enumeration District: QKGR

Click on the schedule number to see details about each member of the household.

No. Address on Census Present-day Address Surnames of People in Household
QKGR/1 Siding Cottage, Aldington Toll Gate, Sidings Lane, Aldington COOK; BILLINGS
QKGR/2 8 Council Houses 8 Hillside, Aldington BUTLER
QKGR/3 7 Council Houses 7 Hillside, Aldington DUNKLEY; WHEELER
QKGR/4 6 Council Houses 6 Hillside, Aldington COLES
QKGR/5 5 Council Houses 5 Hillside, Aldington STREET; MILES
QKGR/6 4 Council Houses 4 Hillside, Aldington BEDENHAM
QKGR/7 3 Council Houses 3 Hillside, Aldington FIELD
QKGR/8 2 Council Houses 2 Hillside, Aldington DOBBINS
QKGR/9 1 Council Houses 1 Hillside, Aldington WORTHINGTON
QKGR/10 Aldington Elm Cottage, Main Street, Aldington JELFS
QKGR/11 Aldington Elm Cottage, Main Street, Aldington WESTBURY
QKGR/12 1 Byrd's Cottages Half Acre, Main Street, Aldington CHURCHLEY
QKGR/13 2 Byrd's Cottages Half Acre, Main Street, Aldington WHITE
QKGR/14 3 Byrd's Cottages Lokos, Main Street, Aldington BYRD
QKGR/15 The Post Office, Aldington The White House, Main Street, Aldington COLE; PAINTING
QKGR/16 Aldington Corner House, Main Street, Aldington BELL
QKGR/17 Aldington Corner House, Main Street, Aldington BELL
QKGR/18 Aldington Corner Cottage, Main Street, Aldington STEWART
QKGR/19 Chapel Lane Ivy Cottage, Chapel Lane, Aldington WASLEY
QKGR/20 The Cottage, Aldington Ivy Cottage, The Hop Gardens, Aldington DALLIMORE
QKGR/21 Chapel Lane 1 Chapel Cottages, Chapel Lane, Aldington FIELD
QKGR/22 Chapel Lane 2 Chapel Cottages, Chapel Lane, Aldington DAWKINS
QKGR/23 Mill House, Aldington Mill House, Mill Lane, Aldington MARSHALL
QKGR/24 The Manor, Aldington Aldington Manor, Village Street & Manor Court, Main Street, Aldington BUTLER; HART; GRIMMETT; COTTREL
QKGR/25 Aldington Rose Cottage, Village Street, Aldington BELL
QKGR/26 Aldington Manor Cottage, Village Street, Aldington GRIFFIN
QKGR/27 Aldington Manor Cottage, Village Street, Aldington ENSTONE
QKGR/28 Aldington Thatch Cottage, Village Street, Aldington TAYLOR
QKGR/29 Aldington The Old House, Village Street, Aldington WASLEY; GRAINGER
QKGR/30 Aldington The Dove Cote, Village Street, Aldington REEVES
QKGR/31 Aldington Stone Cottage, Village Street, Aldington HEATH
QKGR/32 Sherwood Farm, Aldington Sherwood Cottage, Village Street, Aldington JELFS
QKGR/33 Briarlea, Badsey Road Briarlea Care Home, Badsey Road, Aldington HOLDING; YATES; ALLTREE
QKGR/34 Beeholme, Aldington Beeholme, Main Street, Aldington BALLARD
QKGR/35 Orchard View, Aldington Orchard View, Main Street, Aldington HARWOOD
QKGR/36 Upper Dean, Offenham Road, Aldington Upper Dene, Offenham Road, Aldington FIELD; FRECKLETON
QKGR/37 Aldington Lodge Aldington Lodge, Offenham Road, Aldington IDIENS; SMITH; SAUNDERS; TIMBS
QKGR/38 Lodge Cottage, Aldington Aldington Lodge Cottage, Offenham Road, Aldington CHISHOLM
QKGR/39 Red Gables, The Parks Red Gables, The Parks, Aldington BROTHERTON
QKGR/40 The Parks, Aldington Totterdown, The Parks, Aldington BADHAM; CHOULES
QKGR/41 Haven Court, Aldington Riverside Hotel, The Parks, Aldington PHILLIPS; ALLARD
QKGR/42 Parks Farm Cottage Southbank, Offenham Road, Aldington GEDEN
QKGR/43 Shed, The Chambers, Aldington - OSBORNE
QKGR/330 Ivy House, Aldington Corner of Chapel Lane and The Hop Gardens, Aldington (Ivy House, demolished 1970) GARDINER