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Household census return - Badsey 1911 (schedule 207)

Schedule Number
Address on Census
Cider Mill Court
Present-day Location
8-11 Poplar Court, High Street, Badsey (site of The Alley or Cider Mill Court cottages demolished 1960s)
Total Rooms
Kind of Building
Private House
PRO Reference
PRO Ref RG 14/17703
Form Completion
Census form completed by head of household
Name Age and sex Relation to head of family Marital status Occupation Where born Marriage & children details
Ellen KEYTE 82
Head Widow Childswickham, Gloucestershire 10 children (5 died)
Badsey Society notes:
Mrs Keyte put down that she had been married 64 years, but as she was a widow, this was crossed out; she also just put down Mrs in Forename column, but Enumerator added in Ellen .
Photos of the house
2008 photo
2008 photo
1968 photo
1968 photo