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Offenham 1891

Description of Enumeration District: “The whole of the civil parish of Offenham, including Blackminster, Westbury’s Cottage, Bennetts Hill, Three Cocks, The Boltons, New Town, Rock House and new cottages situate at the Four Crossings, and cottages erected since 1881. The whole in the parliamentary division of South Worcestershire.”

Schedules 116-122 have an address of Blackminster, but it is thought that schedule 116, occupied by Thomas Westbury, is Bolstrode Cottage, north of the railway line, and thus not a Badsey house; it is included here in case anyone is able to confirm whether or not this assumption is correct.

By 1891, further building had taken place on the north side of Station Road: a house called Lime Trees and a pair of semi-detached houses called Corner House and Victoria Cottage.

Enumerator: Walter Howley

No. Address on Census Present-day Address Surnames of People in Household
116 Blackminster Cottage Thought to be Bolstrode Cottage, Station Road, South Littleton WESTBURY
117 Blackminster Cottage Ivanhoe/Rose Cottage, Birmingham Road, Blackminster ALDINGTON
118 Blackminster Cottage Ivanhoe/Rose Cottage, Birmingham Road, Blackminster HEYWOOD
119 Farm Blackminster House The Old Farm House, Birmingham Road, Blackminster RUCK
120 Blackminster Cottage (uninhabited) Corner House, Station Road, Blackminster
121 Blackminster Cottage Victoria Cottage, Station Road, Blackminster VEAL
121a Blackminster (uninhabited) Orchard House, Station Road, Blackminster
122 Station Master's House Lime Trees, Station Road, Blackminster DIPPER