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1939 Register - Wickhamford 1939 (schedule QJEB/106)

Schedule Number
Address in Register
The Ridge, Knowle Hill
Present-day Address
The Ridge, Knowle Hill, Evesham
Household Notes
Much of this property is situated in Wickhamford but it has a road frontage to Knowle Hill in the borough of Evesham. It was therefore part of the Evesham return but has been included here for completeness. The 1939 electoral roll gives John and Lilian Little as the occupants of The Ridge, but they were in Watford at the time of the compilation of the register.
Sub No Name Sex Date of Birth Status Personal Occupation Surname Change
1 Max JOSEPH M 31 May 1910 Married Surveyor & Company Director
2 Sybil JOSEPH F 20 Sep 1913 Married No occupation
3 Gillian JOSEPH F 24 Apr 1935 Single Under school age ROSE
4 Stephen JOSEPH M 20 May 1939 Single Under school age
5 Harold SAMUEL M 23 April 1912 Married Chartered Surveyor and Director
6 Edna SAMUEL F 28 April 1918 Married No occupation
7 Record closed
8 Gladys SAUNDERS F 06 May 1916 Single Nurse STONELEY
9 Grace HUGHES F 28 Feb 1914 Single Nurse BELL
10 Chape[?] QUINTSHER[?] F 08 Apr 1909 Single Domestic Servant