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1939 Register - Wickhamford 1939 (schedule QKGG/36)

Schedule Number
Address in Register
Corner Cottage
Present-day Address
Corner Cottage, Manor Road, Wickhamford
Sub No Name Sex Date of Birth Status Personal Occupation Surname Change
1 Edward A JORDAN M 27 May 1908 Married Chauffeur - gardener
2 Catherine M JORDAN F 26 Oct 1908 Married Unpaid domestic duties
3 Record closed
4 Edna M SIMMONS F 10 Dec 1916 Single Parlour Maid GRANTHAM
5 Lillian BUCKTON F 3 Jun 1917 Single Cook
Badsey Society notes:
On 1939 Electoral Register, address for Lillian Buckton is given as Hody's Place (the house opposite Corner Cottage) - presumably the two households shared a cook.
Photos of the house
2015 photo
2015 photo