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1939 Register - Wickhamford 1939 (schedule QKGG/63)

Schedule Number
Address in Register
Rose Bank, Pitchers Hill
Present-day Address
16 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford
Sub No Name Sex Date of Birth Status Personal Occupation
1 Edward J PETHARD M 27 Dec 1867 Married Retired Wheelwright
2 Annie G PETHARD F 15 Apr 1873 Married Unpaid domestic duties
3 Cecil H WARD M 6 Nov 1891 Married Wayleave Officer (electrical mains)
4 Violet L WARD F 19 Aug 1896 Married Unpaid domestic duties
5 Nancy K PETHARD F 08 Jul 1903 Single Hospital Theatre Sister S.R.N. C.M.
6 Harry G WARNER M 14 Nov 1897 Married Wayleave Officer (electrical mains)
Photos of the house
2015 photo
2015 photo