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1819-1820 - Cudworth Bruch

Cudworth Bruch was born in 1761, the son of Cudworth Bruch of Wallingford, Berkshire, apothecary, by his first wife, Martina Shewell; he had a sister, Elizabeth.  His father married again in 1769 to Bridget Maria Winnington.  Cudworth Bruch Senior died in 1773.

In 1805, Cudworth Bruch was Curate of Broadhempston, Devon, when he married Mary Epworth of Little Hempston on 24th October.  In the summer of 1819 he became Curate of Badsey and Wickhamford.  The Badsey Archive contains an original document dated 13th November 1819 which is a letter from the Bishop of Worcester’s Registry to the Churchwardens of Badsey, explaining that he is transmitting a copy of the licence granted by the Bishop of Worcester to the Reverend Cudworth Bruch, MA, to perform the office of Stipendiary Curate in Badsey.  The parish had been without a Curate since Reverend Rufford had left at the end of 1818.

During his one-year tenure at Badsey, Reverend Bruch conducted the following number of services between 20th June 1819 and 10th May 1820:  baptisms (six at Badsey, eight at Wickhamford), marriages (one at Wickhamford), burials (two at Badsey, one at Wickhamford).

Cudworth Bruch died at Hereford in August 1828, aged 67, and is buried in Bullingham churchyard, Herefordshire.  The notice in one newspaper said:  “At Hereford, the Rev Cudworth Bruch, respected by all who knew him.”  His widow, Mary, died at Totnes, Devon, in 1854.