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Electoral rolls - Aldington, 1851

Notes on the 1851 Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll is currently sorted by electoral number (which is largely alphabetical); to sort on Name or Address, simply click on the column heading. To find out further details about the nature of the electoral qualification, click on the number.

Who could vote in parliamentary elections

Males aged 21 years and over who were 40 shilling per annum freeholders, £10 per annum long lease holders or £50 per annum short leaseholders.

Who couldn’t vote in parliamentary elections

Women; men aged 21 and over who didn’t meet the property requirement; men under 21; aliens; peers; lunatics; postmasters; election agents; policemen during service and for 6 months thereafter; male paupers; commissioners and those who collected Government revenues.



Number Name Address of Voter
2435 ASHWIN, Richard Aldington
2436 BYRD, Thomas Aldington
2437 CARTWRIGHT, John Aldington
2438 CLARK, Thomas Humphries Lanesfield, Evesham
2440 KEEN, Thomas Aldington