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1843-1939 Electoral Registers

Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford were historically part of the Evesham Parliamentary Division of Worcestershire. It was originally a parliamentary borough consisting of the town of Evesham and was first represented in 1295. Its franchise lapsed for several centuries but, from 1604-1868, it returned two Members of Parliament. In 1867, under the Representation of the People Act, its representation was reduced to one member.

From the 1885 general election, Evesham was abolished as a borough but the name was transferred to a larger county constituency electing one MP. Between 1885 and 1918 the constituency had the full name of the Southern, or Evesham, Division of Worcestershire. This constituency was abolished for the 1950 general election, with the town of Evesham itself being transferred to the new seat of South Worcestershire. This lasted until 1997 when it was replaced by the constituencies of West Worcestershire and Mid Worcestershire. Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford are part of Mid Worcestershire. The MP since 2015 is Nigel Huddleston who lives in Badsey.

The Hive at Worcester contains electoral registers on microfilm for most years since 1843. Transcripts are provided below for registers every decade or so and reflect the changing nature of who was eligible to vote. At the top of each transcript, there are details of the types of people who were eligible at that particular time.