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Electoral rolls - Aldington, 1924

Notes on the 1924 Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll is currently sorted by electoral number (which is largely alphabetical); to sort on Name or Address, simply click on the column heading. To find out further details about the nature of the electoral qualification, click on the number. Those who owned land in the village but did not live there were entitled to vote in the local government elections but not the parliamentary elections (though they would, of course, be registered in their home area). With regard to local government elections, both husband and wife were qualified in respect of the same property.

Who could vote in parliamentary elections

All males aged 21 years and over; female householders, or wives of householders or graduates, over the age of 30.

Who couldn’t vote in parliamentary elections

Women over 30 who did not meet the property qualification; women under 30; men under 21; aliens; peers; lunatics.

Number Name Address of Voter
1 ALLEN, Dorothy May Aldington
2 ALLEN, Robert Imrie Aldington
3 ANDREWS, Walter 49 Lime Street, Evesham
4 ASHLEE, John 64 Windsor Road, Evesham
5 ASPLAND, William Arthur High Street, Evesham
6 BALLARD, Alfred William Badsey
7 BALLARD, Beatrice Mary Bee-holme
8 BALLARD, Edwin Bee-holme
9 BANTON, Caroline Louisa The Parks
10 BANTON, Samuel Richard The Parks
11 BARNARD, Albert Victor Windsor Road, Evesham
12 BARNARD, James Badsey
13 BAROUCHE, Evelyn The Parks
14 BEASLEY, Frederick William 8 Littleworth Street, Evesham
15 BEASLEY, George (junior) 33 Avon Street, Evesham
16 BELL, Alfred (junior) Aldington
17 BELL, Alfred (senior) Dwelling-house
18 BELL, Martha Aldington
19 BELL, Ralph Aldington
20 BELL, Rose Dwelling-house
21 BELL, Walter Aldington
22 BENT, Buckley The Parks
23 BENT, Francis Buckley The Parks, Evesham
24 BENT, Margaret The Parks
25 BENT, Ralph Thornely The Parks
26 BINYON, Charles Arthur Badsey
27 BOSWELL, Arthur
28 BOSWELL, Frank Evesham
29 BROTHERTON, Alfred 16 Coronation Street, Evesham
30 BROTHERTON, Charles Coronation Street, Evesham
31 BURFORD, Frederick 46 King's Road, Evesham
32 BUTLER, Alfred Henry Manor Farm
33 BUTLER, Ernest Alfred Dwelling-house
34 BUTLER, Julia Ann Manor Farm
35 BUTLER, Varina Dwelling-house
36 BUTLER, Wilson Henry Manor Farm
37 BYRD, Harry George Lindale, Northwick Road, Evesham
38 BYRD, John Ivy House
39 BYRD, Samuel James Aldington
40 CANNING, John Albert Holly Mount, Evesham
41 CHURCHILL, Bertha Lonsdale, Aldington
42 CHURCHILL, George Henry Lonsdale, Aldington
43 CLEMENTS, Alfred 9 Coronation Street, Evesham
44 CLEMENTS, George 15 Vine Street, Evesham
45 CLEMENTS, John 15 Vine Street, Evesham
46 COLES, Frederick Montfort Street, Evesham
47 COLES, Frederick James 25 Montfort Street, Evesham
48 COLLETT, George Badsey
49 COOK, Alfred 9 King's Road, Evesham
50 COOK, William 47 Cambria Road, Evesham
51 CULL, Edgar John Stanley House
52 CULL, Ethel Stanley House
53 CURNOCK, Thomas George 4 Northwick Road, Evesham
54 DANIELS, Henry 47 Northwick Road, Evesham
55 DINGLEY, Frank Herbert Sidney Bewdley Street, Evesham
56 DORE, Augustine Badsey
57 DORE, Walter Henry Badsey
58 ENSTONE, Catherine Dwelling-house
59 ENSTONE, Jabez Samuel Dwelling-house
60 FIELD, Dinah Dwelling-house
61 FIELD, Edward Harry Northwick Road, Evesham
62 FIELD, Harry Badsey
63 FIELD, James Dwelling-house
64 FIELD, Raymond 10 North Road, Evesham
65 GEDEN, Wilfred George Oakdene, Badsey
66 GRIFFIN, Arthur William Dwelling-house
67 GRIFFIN, Mary Dwelling-house
68 HAINES, Elizabeth 6 Burford Road, Evesham
69 HALE, Frederick 44 Lime Street, Evesham
70 HALE, Harvey 6 Burford Road, Evesham
71 HANCOCK, Charles Dwelling-house
72 HANCOCK, Clifford Aldington
73 HANCOCK, Eva Dwelling-house
74 HARRIS, William Badsey
75 HARWOOD, Oliver Northwick Road, Evesham
76 HARWOOD, Oliver George Northwick Road, Evesham
77 HARWOOD, Walter Badsey
78 HARWOOD, Walter Wilson Northwick Road, Evesham
79 HAYNES-RUDGE, Leonard Percy Abbey Manor, Evesham
80 HEATH, Alice Dwelling-house
81 HEATH, Charles Dwelling-house
82 HEMMING, Arthur 23 Montfort Street, Evesham
83 HILL, Arthur 17 Elm Road, Evesham
84 HOLDING, Frances Ellen Briarlea
85 HOLDING, James Briarlea
86 HOLDING, John Dickinson Briarlea
87 HUBBARD, Richard Badsey
88 IDIENS, Sidney Aldington Lodge
89 JELFS, Clara Adelia Virginia Dwelling-house
90 JELFS, Florence Mary Aldington
91 JELFS, George Thomas 1 Bridge Street, Bretforton
92 JELFS, John Dwelling-house
93 JELFS, Walter Henry Dwelling-house
94 JINKS, Albert Badsey
95 JINKS, Frederick Harry Badsey
96 JINKS, Harry (senior) Badsey
97 JOHNS, Henry John Hollywood Villa, Badsey
98 KEEN, Arthur George Badsey
99 KEEN, Richard Ivy House, Badsey
100 KEEN, William (senior) Badsey