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Electoral rolls - Wickhamford, 1939

Notes on the 1939 Electoral Roll

Wickhamford%201939%20p%2025.JPGThis Register was issued on 16th October 1939.  This was shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War and the next list was not drawn up until the end of hostilities.  The names of electors in the table below are those resident in the parish.  The full list also included those qualified to vote on the basis of occupation of land and business premises.  By comparing with the 1939 Register, which was taken on 29th September 1939, it is possible to gain a fairly complete picture of the village on the outbreak of war.

The Electoral Roll is currently sorted by electoral number (which is largely alphabetical); to sort on Name or Address, simply click on the column heading. To find out further details about the nature of the electoral qualification, click on the number. Those who owned land in the village but did not live there were entitled to vote in the local government elections but not the parliamentary elections (though they would, of course, be registered in their home area). With regard to local government elections, both husband and wife were qualified in respect of the same property.

Who could vote in parliamentary elections

All males aged 21 years and over; all females aged 21 years and over.

Who couldn’t vote in parliamentary elections

Men under 21; women under 21; aliens; peers; lunatics.

Number Name Address of Voter
1105 ADAMS, Frederick 13 Pitcher’s Hill
1106 ADAMS, Nancy 13 Pitcher’s Hill
1107 AGG, George Albert Wickhamford
1108 AGG, John (junior) Murcott
1109 AGG, Mabel Land, Pitcher's Hill (Abode - Murcott)
1111 ALLARD, Barbara Chelta
1112 ALLARD, Eric Thomas John Chelta
1117 BEAN, Ellen 15 Pitcher’s Hill
1118 BEAN, Thomas Edward 15 Pitcher’s Hill
1120 BENNETT, Hilote 35 Wickhamford
1121 BENNETT, Violet 35 Wickhamford
1123 BENNETT, William 35 Wickhamford
1124 BEYNON, Rachel Ann Woodlands, Longdon Hill
1125 BREWER, Gladys Bungalow, Broadway Road
1126 BREWER, Reginald Ashley Bungalow, Broadway Road
1127 BROOKS, George Edward The Manor
1128 BROTHERTON, Ernest George William 26 Pitcher’s Hill
1130 BROTHERTON, Sarah Anne 26 Pitcher’s Hill
1131 BUCKLEY, Vivian Charles John Weathervane
1132 BUCKTON, Lillian Hody’s Place
1133 BUTCHER, Constance Mary 9 Council Cottages
1134 BUTCHER, Edward George 9 Council Cottages
1135 BUTCHER, Emanuel Pike 9 Council Cottages
1136 BUTCHER, Lillian Isabel 9 Council Cottages
1138 CAMDEN, George William 21 Council Cottages
1139 CAMDEN, Nellie 21 Council Cottages
1140 CARTER, Albert Edward Wickhamford
1141 CARTER, Arthur Charles 4 Pitcher’s Hill
1142 CARTER, Doris Shire End, Broadway Road
1143 CARTER, Mary Louise Wickhamford
1144 CARTER, Sydney Benjamin Shire End, Broadway Road
1145 CARTER, Violet Phyllis 4 Pitcher’s Hill
1148 COLE, Thomas 7 Council Cottages
1149 COLLETT, Priscilla Marjorie 17 Council Cottages
1150 COLLETT, Tom Herbert 17 Council Cottages
1151 COLLEY, Ethel 32 Wickhamford
1152 COLLEY, Jesse 32 Wickhamford
1153 COLLEY, Jesse Richard 32 Wickhamford
1154 COLLEY, Olive 32 Wickhamford
1159 COX, Alice Jane 10 Pitcher’s Hill
1160 COX, Alice Lilian Annie 10 Pitcher’s Hill
1161 COX, Gladys May 14 Pitcher’s Hill
1162 COX, Cecil Walter 15 Council Cottages
1163 COX, Dorothy Annie Elizabeth 15 Council Cottages
1164 COX, Dorothy Rose Delia, Pitcher’s Hill
1165 COX, Ernest Harold 14 Pitcher’s Hill
1166 COX, Frederick John 15 Council Cottages
1167 COX, George Frederick Delia, Pitcher’s Hill
1168 CRUMP, George Edward 11 Council Cottages
1169 CRUMP, Louisa Jessie 11 Council Cottages
1170 CRUMP, Martin 6 Wickhamford
1171 DAFFURN, Ruth Williams Elm Farm
1172 DAFFURN, Victor Frank Elm Farm
1174 DARKE, Dorothy Rose 21 Pitcher’s Hill
1176 DAVIS, Jesse 7 Council Cottages
1177 DAVIS, Mary Elizabeth 7 Council Cottages
1178 DEWEY, Elena Mary Manor Cottages
1179 DEWEY, Percival Saxby Manor Cottages
1180 DISTON, Gertrude Charlotte The Manor
1181 DOLPHIN, Barbara Pitcher’s Hill
1182 DOLPHIN, Eva Pitcher’s Hill
1183 DOLPHIN, James Pitcher’s Hill
1184 DRINKWATER, May Oxley, Longdon Hill
1185 DRYSDALE, Bertha Wickhamford
1187 EMPEY, Emily Elizabeth Pitcher’s Hill
1191 FEWTRILL, Florence Jessie Hazel The Manor
1192 FIELD, John George Darby Hughes 8 Council Cottages
1193 FIELD, Kathleen Mary 8 Council Cottages
1194 FIELD, William James Lloyd George 8 Council Cottages
1195 FIGGITT, Amy 6 Council Cottages
1196 FIGGITT, Stanley 6 Council Cottages
1197 FIGGITT, William John 6 Council Cottages
1198 FOLKES, Lena Main Street
1199 FOLKES, Reginald Albert Main Street
1200 FRANKLIN, Beatrice Rose 3 Council Cottages
1201 FRANKLIN, Gilbert Charles 3 Council Cottages
1202 GEORGE, Sarah Elizabeth Windy Ridge
1206 GOULD, Janet Audrey Barker Hody’s Place
1207 GREEN, Joseph Instructors' Mess, Army Vocational Training Camp, Chiselden, Wilts
1208 GREENALL, Susan Wickhamford
1211 GRIFFIN, Basil 2 Sandy’s Avenue
1212 GRIFFIN, Elizabeth 2 Sandy’s Avenue
1213 GRIFFIN, Florence 25 Pitcher’s Hill
1214 GRIFFIN, Frederick 20 Council Cottages
1215 GRIFFIN, Hilda 20 Council Cottages
1216 GRIFFIN, Sidney Thomas 25 Pitcher’s Hill
1217 GRIFFITHS, Cynthia Mary 1 Sandy’s Avenue
1218 GRIFFITHS, Horace Wilfred 1 Sandy’s Avenue
1221 HAINES, Florence Jane 28 Wickhamford
1222 HAINES, Norris 28 Wickhamford
1223 HALFORD, Allen Ernest 9 Pitcher’s Hill
1224 HALFORD, Charles William Pitcher’s Hill
1225 HALFORD, Edith Florence Pitcher’s Hill
1226 HALFORD, Frank 8 Council Cottages
1227 HALFORD, George William Pitcher’s Hill
1228 HALFORD, Harry 17 Pitcher’s Hill
1229 HALFORD, Leah Rachel 9 Pitcher’s Hill
1230 HALFORD, Mildred 17 Pitcher’s Hill
1231 HALFORD, Samuel 17 Pitcher’s Hill
1232 HALFORD, Sidney Frank Pitcher’s Hill