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AGG (later FRY), Dorothy Mary – emigrated 1913

Dorothy Mary Agg was born at Badsey on 20th June 1899, the eldest of five children of Joseph Foster Agg and his wife, Emma (née Wilkes).  She was baptised in St James’ Church, Badsey, on 23rd June 1899.  It is not known exactly where Dorothy was born in Badsey as 1 Belmont Terrace (present-day No 13 Willersey Road), where she was living with her parents in 1901, was not built until 1900.  By August 1906 they had moved to one of the new houses across the road at No 12 Cotswold View (56 Willersey Road).  By 1911, they had moved into the slightly larger house next-door, No 11 (54 Willersey Road).

Dorothy was a pupil at Badsey School from July 1902 to April 1913.  A note in the register said that she was medically excluded until 14 but, in the event, she never returned to Badsey School as she emigrated with her family to Canada, setting sail on 27th August 1913 from Liverpool.  On the ship manifest she was described as a domestic.

Dorothy and her family lived first at 640½ Euclid Avenue, Toronto, then, by March 1916 had moved to Palace Road, Whitby, Ontario, a town in Durham region, on the north shore of Lake Ontario, about 35 miles from Toronto.  At the time of the 1921 census, Dorothy’s parents and two brothers lived at 115 Dundas Street, Whitby, but where Dorothy was is not known. 

Dorothy married Mervyn Charles Fry.  He died at Whitby in 1986 and Dorothy died at Whitby in 1989.