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AGG (née MOISEY), Rosa May – emigrated 1919

Rosa May Moisey was born at Badsey on 26th April 1895, the eldest of nine children of George and Julia Moisey.  She was baptised in St James’ Church, Badsey, on 16th June 1895.  Rosa attended Badsey School from 1898-1908.  At the time of the 1911 census, Rosa was working as a kitchenmaid at Collapit Creek, Kingsbridge, Devon.

In the first quarter of 1918, Rosa married Badsey-born William Decimus Agg in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne district.  They had presumably been childhood sweethearts as they were close neighbours in Badsey, Rosa growing up at what is now No 9 Sands Lane and William growing up at what is now No 3 Sands Lane.  William had emigrated to Canada in 1914, but it is likely that Rosa met him again when he paid a fleeting visit to Badsey in the summer of 1917 whilst serving with the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

William returned to Canada some time in 1918.  On 15th March 1919, Rosa sailed from Liverpool to join William in Whitby, Canada; she was in the category “3rd class dependants”.  She arrived on 25th March 1919 at St Johns, Newfoundland.

Rosa and William had three sons:  Gordon (1920), George (1921-1921) and Bernard William (1925-2015).  At the time of the 1921 census they were living at 81 Dufferin Street, Whitby, William working as a gardener.  William’s nephew, Harold Agg, who had emigrated the year before, was staying with them.

In the summer of 1924, Rosa returned for a holiday to England with her son, Gordon.  She had possibly gone in order to attend the wedding of her only brother, William George Moisey, to Elsie Green.  Shortly after the wedding, the newly-wed couple were on the same boat as Rosa and Gordon on the voyage back to Canada.  They sailed from Liverpool on 27th June 1924, William stating that he was going to join Rosa’s husband, William Decimus Agg, in running his farm.  Rosa and William Agg later divorced and William and Elsie Moisey decided not to remain in Canada, returning to England nearly 12 years later.

Rosa and William had separated by 1945 when Rosa, a riveter, appeared on the Voters’ list for 1945 living at 120 Tenth Avenue East, Vancouver.  By 1953 she was a cook living at 1757 Twelfth Avenue East, Vancouver.  An article about Rosa appeared in "The Vancouver Sun" of 3rd January 1953:

$2 to get a nickel, yet!  Bureaucrats keep Mrs Agg in Tizzy

Mrs Rosa Agg, 1757 East Twelfth, has nothing but trouble with various government agencies … they’re all “agin” her.  In September 1951 the City of Vancouver set out to recover five cents she owed them on her business license for the Rosemary Café, 2767 Commercial, which she then owned.  Days later, when the furore died down, it had cost the gentlemen up at the marble mausoleum an even $2 to collect Mrs Agg’s nickel.

Yesterday, Mrs Agg got a postcard from her son Gordon Agg, postmarked Montevideo, Uruguay.  He finished by saying:  “I’ll see you soon,” which turned out to be the grandpappy of all understatements!

Since the card was mailed, Gordon has left his communications job in South America, and returned to Vancouver; his wife, formerly Eleana Colonel of Montevideo, few up for their wedding, and has since presented him with his first child, George, who is now 17months old.  They’re all living at 541 West Twenty-fifth, North Vancouver.  The card was dated February 21, 1949!

In 1955, Rosa paid a final visit to England.  Her destination was Bredon View, Badsey, and she intended to stay for four months.  In the 1920s, Rosa’s father, George Moisey, had inherited Bredon View, Willersey Road, from his uncle.  After the death of her parents, Maud, the second oldest child, inherited Bredon View.  Rosa’s brother, William, was also back in Badsey.

By 1958, when living at 1430 Haro Street, Vancouver, Rosa was described as retired.  In 1963, Rose lived with her son, Gordon, and his wife, Elena, at 234 Second Street, New Westminster.  Rosa died on 10th July 1964, aged 69, and was cremated four days later.  Information from her death registration certificate:

Died at Melrose Park Private Hospital in New Westminster, lived in the city 4 years prior to her death, in the province of BC for 40yrs and in Canada for 45yrs.  Her home address was 1221 7th Ave New Westminster.  Marital status divorced, husband's name not known.  She was born on 26 Apr 1895 in England, employed as a cook in the logging camps, retired in 1956 and worked in this occupation for 13yrs.  Father's first name unknown, surname Moisey, born England.  Mother born England, name not known.  The informant was her son Gordon mentioned previously with an address in New Westminster.  She was cremated on 14 Jul 1964.  Cause of death was chronic nephritis and contributing factor Parkinsons Disease, 10yrs duration.