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IDIENS, Walter Cyril – emigrated 1912

Between the years 1911 and 1913, eight members of the Idiens family (John and Alice and seven of their eight children) emigrated to Canada; Walter Cyril Idiens, known as Cyril, was the third to go.

Cyril was born at Evesham in 1888, the fifth of seven children of John Idiens and his wife, Alice (née South).  Cyril spent his early years at their home in High Street, Evesham.  Around 1899, his parents took on the tenancy of Wickhamford Manor, where they were living at the time of the 1901 census.  They quickly became involved with the local community.  In April 1905, Cyril received confirmation at the Church of St John the Baptist, Wickhamford.   

By 1911, the Idiens family had left Wickhamford and moved to Poole; Cyril had gone with them and was now, together with his older brother, Albert William, working as a market gardener.

Seven months after his brother, Bert, Cyril, described as a fruit grower, sailed for Canada on 16th October 1912, leaving Bristol on Royal Edward, bound for Montreal.  His eldest sister, Daisy had emigrated the previous year.  Brother, Stanley, was to follow shortly, and his parents and remaining two sisters, Edith and Doris, the following year.

Cyril married a young widow, Nora Hall, at Comox in 1941; they had two children.

Cyril died on 9th October 1973 at Comox; Nora died on 3rd August 2003.

In July 2017, Badsey Society members, Tom Locke and Val Harman, welcomed John Idiens (son of Cyril) and his wife, Heather (daughter of George Percy Osler, another Wickhamford resident who emigrated to Canada before the Great War) on a visit to Wickhamford and Bretforton.

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